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Product Description

Super premium extruded power supply.
25% fibre
With no added sugar
Contains vitamin A for growth
Contributes to the natural wear and tear of teeth
Extruded feeding: no waste
High digestibility
Duration of use: 7 days per animal
Beaphar’s CARE+ is a super premium diet with a high fibre content (25%), for good health and optimal digestion
Each granulate has the same composition (All-in-One), which is important for a balanced diet (no more waste, no more deficiencies thanks to this complete diet)
The hardness of the granules promotes natural tooth wear.
Ingredients : By-products of plant origin (Yucca schidigera 0.1%, Echinacea 0.03%, Green tea extract 0.03%, FOS 0.01%), cereals, vegetables,
mineral substances, seeds, yeasts (MOS 0.1%), algae (Spirulina 0.01%).
Give rabbits aged 3 weeks small amounts of Care+ Rabbit Junior with hay, in addition to breast milk, until they are weaned and used to solid foods (at about 6-10 weeks)
When adopting a rabbit that has already been weaned, feed it the same diet as before for one week and gradually switch to Care+ by mixing the two feeds for the next two weeks
During its first 6 months, your rabbit can eat as much Care+ as he wants. From 6 months of age, the daily amount of Care+ to be given to a rat is 35 g per kilo of body weight
To divide into 2 meals preferably
From 9-10 months, switch to Care+ Adult Rabbit
For pregnant or nursing rabbits, make Care+ available at will.
Give fresh food and hay every day
Ensure that the animal has fresh and potable water. Store in a cool, dry place.
Nutritional advice: CARE+ feed is very palatable and immediately accepted by the animal.
However, as a first step, it is recommended to monitor its consumption and, if necessary, to mix CARE+ with the previous food
Age Nutritional advice*
< 10 months Make available throughout the day approximately 35 g per kg of body weight.

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