QNMM Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Bunny Cage Indoor with Run Large Rabbit House with Two Deeper Tray


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Product Description

Main material: solid fir, painted black net (no rust, no deformation)
Overall size: 1000*600*920cm (length * width * height)
Packing size: 1050*825*195cm (length * width * height)
Installation: need to be installed by yourself, with instructions
Product color: as shown in the picture (in-kind shooting)
Recommended pet type: rabbit, small dog, cat, chicken, mouse and other small pets
Quantity: 3-5
Features: Chinese fir production, ecological and environmental protection, double-layer tray, easy to clean, clean, with wheels, simple movement and energy saving, blinds, beautiful ventilation and ventilation, black rust and rust-proof paint, observe the pet dynamic at any time.


  • There are wheels to move easily and effortlessly. There are 2 brake casters on the bottom of the house, 2 active casters, and the pets will love to move there!
  • Beautiful and durable, solid wood and black lacquered combination, beautiful and durable, so you can watch the daily activities of small pets at any time!
  • Easy to clean, clean and hygienic, the paint used in the house is water-based environmentally friendly paint, double-layer pull-out plastic tray, the whole house can be washed directly with water!
  • Small details of the pet house, the details determine success or failure, our quality is guaranteed!
  • The main roof can be opened, and the main roof is controlled by a window hook!
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