Wiesenknopf 4.5kg Rabbit Food Meadow Pattern Lining with Herb


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Product Description

Meadow button rabbit food is an all around healthy structure lining for dwarf rabbits. The high-quality natural ingredients to ensure that your, natural nutrition, are digested and promote health and support the immune system. Composition: Flaked Barley, Flaked Maize, Flaked Canvas, with husks, pea flakes, amber sandwich, parsley, Luzerne oats, carrots, dandelion, wide way rich, Nettle, mauve – No pellets or squeezed components. – Varied herb for healthy, the appropriate nutrition – verträgliche cereals combined with crisp carrot slices on canvas cake pieces provide valuable fatty acids, pleasantly Casual lining, environmentally friendly and handily packed – Economic and effective when left for the recommended amount of food to 50 g per day, naturally, a structure – Optimum Vitamin and Mineral supply – addition to the lining with a fresh green 2,88eur/kg food for animals. Very fast delivery.


  • 100% Naturgesundes structure lining No pellets, sugar (molasses), wheat and additives
  • Composition: flaked barley, flaked maize, flaked Canvas, oats with husks, pea flakes, amber bread, parsley, Luzerne, carrots, dandelion, wide Weg rich, nettle – Mauve
  • A varied herb for a healthy and your rabbit diet
  • CANVAS Cake pieces provide valuable fatty acids
  • Economical & economical classification of very high volumes with herbs and leaves
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